Jump Shot Basketball

Jump Shot Basketball 5.61

Simulates the management of a basketball franchise
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Assume the role of the general manager or head coach of a basketball team, lead them to leadership in charts and championships, schedule and perform training, develop the brand and reputation, customize our own league, teams, and players, etc. The game features interactive graphics and sound effects.

Jump Shot Basketball allows you to accurately simulate any basketball season, past, present and future. Import an entire past season. Draft, create, import and edit your players and leagues. Import college players and see how they stack up with the pros. Import your own draft files created in Excel or notepad. You can enter the college stats and let the game do the rest. Build your dream team, trade away your nightmare and see if your squad comes out on top. Draft and sign new players to replace aging stars and build your dynasty with career play. View the stats in your browser. Create your own team page or run a complete league complete with pages for all teams and players. Generate revenue by building an arena, setting ticket prices or moving to a new city. Build the most profitable team in the business and gain the advantage. JSB includes this and much more.

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